Surface: The Pantheon Walkthrough 9


Surface: The Pantheon: Follow our crystal clear walkthrough and helpful tricks to get you through the rough spots! Click the button to download full walkthrough.

Use the CHISEL on the latch (X).

Examine the opened hut to access a HOP.

Play the HOP.

You receive a BELL (Y).

Go to Pit.

Place the BELL on the pedestal to trigger a puzzle (Z).

Ring the bells in correct order.

Ring the following bells: A, C, A, B, D, C, D, A, B, C, B, D, C, A, B and D.

Place the RUNE STONE in the slot; take the MASTER'S KEY (E).

Go to Settlement entrance.

Place the MASTER'S KEY on the gate to trigger a puzzle (F).

Slide the bars to complete the image.

See screenshot for position of bars (G). Surface: The Pantheon Walkthrough.

Surface: The Pantheon Walkthrough 9